"Hi Pammy and Gurveen,

I wanted to say thank you so much for working with me during my wedding events. You ladies are absolutely amazing and worth your weight in gold! You do amazing work, you were receptive to the look I wanted. On the wedding day, my makeup looked as good in the morning as it did after 16 hours and 30 degree temperatures outside. On top of that, there's all the little extras you provide. Whether that is putting on all my jewelry, accessories, chunni pinning for me and the lineup of other women on my wedding morning, teaching my dad how to pop the hood so he could tie the ribbons to the vehicle, you name it. You made the getting ready process such a breeze and added some much needed humour throughout! Thank you ladies a million!!"

Jessica G - Bridal Client  

"I felt clueless when it came to hair and make-up. Cue the most talented and down-to-earth bridal team, MADE by pammy & gurveen! They were SO helpful in the year leading up to the wedding. I'm sure I annoyed them with texts more than I would like to admit, but their responses were always prompt and reassuring. We never met in person until the night of my sangeet, but they blew me away with their vision and talent! It also helped that both Pammy and Gurveen are so sweet and funny, it made getting ready with them one of the most memorable and enjoyable parts of my wedding weekend!"

Rajneet B - Bridal Client 

"I just wanted to say thank you so sooo much for doing such an amazing job on my hair and makeup for my wedding and reception. I loved both of my looks and got so many compliments! I also wanted to thank you both for being such amazing human beings! I don't know if you could tell on both days but I was super nervous and was quite worried I would be crying all morning before the wedding, but you made me feel so comfortable and way less nervous and I really appreciate that! Hopefully I will have the chance to book for you future events too"

Prabdeep L - Bridal Client 

"Hi Girls! Now that I'm back in town, I just wanted to say thank you so much for getting me ready for the big day! You two are honestly amazing at what you do and I was blown away by your work! Thank you for all your help with the photoshoot and getting everyone else ready. You were a big help! I will definitely see you again when I need to be dolled up!"

Kiran T - Bridal Client 

"You girls are awesome. I cannot thank you both enough for everything you did for me during my wedding week. The thing that blows my mind the most is that we didn't even have a trial for any of my events minus one, we literally winged every look and just went with the flow. Thank you for making me feel confident, comfortable, relaxed and beautiful. Pammy, thank you for being so paitent with me and taking your sweet time to have my hair on point, not once did my hair move out of place and I apologize for falling asleep on you 3 times lol. Gurveen, thank you for making me giggle at 4am in the morning, for winging that liner perfectly and for making sure nothing was out of place. I am more than happy with every look we went with, every just jived! I am so happy I chose to go with you girls and most importantly my husband loved your talent as well. I have definitely found my go to girls. Thank you so so much for truly making me feel and look like a princess (according to the locals) and I cannot wait to book you girls for my future events! Love you both!"

Harp Hundal (Mayan Riveria, Mexico) - Bridal Client

"Dear Pammy and Gurveen, Thank you you girls so much for making my looks come together during my wedding events! I could not have even imagined that I would feel as beautiful as I did. You girls did such an amazing job and I am forever  grateful that you made me feel like a princess bride on the most special days of my life. I received nothing but praise and compliments from everyone including my loved ones to random strangers on the street. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I caught my husband staring at me with the greatest smile on his face, which are some of my most cherished moments from our wedding. I have you girls to thank for that! Pammy, you are so fun to be around and I really enjoyed laughing with you about pretty much everything! It really made the time sitting in that chair so enjoyable. Every single hairstyle that you did for me was exactly how I had envisioned them to be. I was not only impressed but positively astonished of how you handled my super long, thick hair and created such masterpieces out of it! Gurveen, thank you for being so understanding with my water eyes! I still cannot believe you made my makeup look so flawless even with my tears and dry skin. It was honestly the most detailed, intricate work that I have ever experienced when it comes to makeup. You are such a sweet girl and an absolute delight to be around! Every makeup look you did for me was not only unique but absolutely breathtaking. I just want to say thank you girls so much for everything you did for me! You not only created the most gorgeous looks for my makeup and hair, but you went above and beyond in helping me into my outfits and setting my jewelry. I am so grateful you girls were there for me! I have been and will continue to recommend MadebyPG to everyone I know, because you truly are the best at what you do! Lots of love."
Kirin Dhillon - Bridal Client

"To the girls of MADE, thank you once again for making me feel my most beautiful at my wedding and reception! Pammy, you have a true talent with hair. I have the most difficult silky fine hair to style, and you just knew how to work with it and keep it from going flat! Your artistry shows in all your work! You are my go-to hair stylist for any future events! Gurveen, For a self-taught makeup artist you are very knowledgeable! I loved my reception make up it was perfect! I think what makes MADE such a strong team is the fact you two put aside your individual vision to create 1 harmonious look, focused on what is best for the client. I would most definitely choose MADE again."

Hazel Dhaliwal Brar - Bridal Client

"Thank you guys so much! You two were awesome! Even though most of the time I only gave you less than two hours to work with, you made me look and feel amazing! I am so glad you two were able to be a part of my wedding! I will totally be working with you for any future events, I love all of my looks!" 
Sweetie Khosa (Cancun, Mexico) - Bridal Client

"Thank you for the happy dances, and Balle Balle moments, putting up with a shirtless Vic everyday, but most importantly thank you for making me feel so comfortable and beautiful for all my events! Getting glammed by you two was such a treat. When I see the pictures now, I think of you two and how we decided on each hairstyle the day of the event and how it was perfection each time and how I never changed a single thing about my makeup. It was always flawless and just the way I like it!"
Karen Kajla (Mayan Riveria, Mexico) - Bridal Client

"Thank you for making my engagement day such a special experience. I felt so beautiful in the makeup you did, and was secure in the fact that it was going to last all night with my touch up package. I never received so many compliments in a day as I did that day. My confidence level was boosted because of you. I just received my professional pictures and I really wanted to share them with you."

Manpreet B - Bridal Client  

"Hi pretty ladies! I just wanted to say thank you so so much for the amazing hair and makeup! I loved it! I got so many compliments! I couldn't have trusted anyone else so thank you so much! You both are amazing!!"
Sharan Hayer - Bridal Client

"Hi Pammy, I just wanted to send you and Gurveen a huge thank you for the stellar job you guys did with my hair and makeup on Friday! I loved it, and you girls were a ton of fun to have around, so many good laughs! Anyways, thanks a million, you are awesome and I can't wait to work with both of you again!"
Reet Atkar - Bridal Client

"I went to a dinner after our engagement shoot, and everyone was shocked I had my makeup and hair done from this morning, it didn't move at all of course!! You two are amazing and definitely made my day today - getting ready was actually fun! Sometimes you never know when you get your hair/makeup done but you two are so easy going and hilarious it was awesome!"
Sukhi Gill - Non Bridal Client

"Hi Gurveen! I just wanted to thank you and Pammy so so much for getting me ready so perfectly for my engagement. You guys made me feel confident for my night when I was so nervous. I absolutely loved how I looked and I was so happy! I can't thank you enough! So excited for the wedding!!"
Sonia Chaudhry - Bridal Client

"I looked like a princess! You were amazing. I can't express my gratitude enough to both of you. I loved every look!"

Gulrose Kanji - Bridal Client

"Pammy and Gurveen you both were amazing! You made me feel beautiful and confident and getting ready with both of you felt like being with friends!"

Rita Dhaliwal - Bridal Client 

"Best in the business! These girls have so much talent and it was a blast to spend the day with them. MADE me look so glamorous. Thank you so so much!!!"

Simmy R - Bridal Client